Terracotta Large Basket Pot


Terracotta pot with handcrafted basket detailing [no drainage holes]

H20cm x W25cm [inc handles] x D21cm approx

Terracotta (unglazed)

Made in Grottaglie, Puglia

Fasano CNF

Craft techniques honed over generations meet a more refined approach to design and colour at Puglia’s famed Fasano CNF, where everyday practicality and the folk culture of southern Italy overlap in modern interpretations of symbolic objects like pupe and cavalliere. The tradition of Pupe dates back to an 18th Century Puglian story of a winemaker that fell in love with a girl from Grottaglie, and the horseman date back to a time where the gentry took pride in illuminating spaces in their homes with these ‘candlestick knights’.